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Annual alumni game


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Class of 2006

Brady Burton- Denison University

Chris Polanski- Wheeling Jesuit University

Chris Ready- University of Maryland

Derek Scheetz- Denison University

Ricky Scheetz- Ohio Wesleyan University

Joe Sims- Wheeling Jesuit University

Class of 2007

Brendan Moore- Virginia Wesleyan

Scott Ruhl- Towson University

Steven Simonetti- Denver University

Class of 2008

Marshall Burkhart- Johns Hopkins University

Tyler Mordecal- Johns Hopkins University

Tanner Seago- St. John's University

Alex VanKrevel- U.S. Military Academy (Army)

Class of 2009

Erik Flexer- St. John's University

Connor Matrka- Mercyhurst University

Spencer Schnell- Ohio Wesleyan University

Class of 2010

Landon DelPrince- Wheeling Jesuit University

Eric Ruhl- Johns Hopkins University

Jared Sims- Whelling Jesuit University

Kyle VanKrevel- Robert Morris University

Class of 2011

Leo Horine- Quinnipiac University

John Horner- Towson University

Nick Simonetti- Lake Erie College

Brandon Stroup- Otterbein University

Sean Flaherty- Washington & Lee University

Class of 2012

Joe Bano- Denver University

Christian Beith- High Point University

Nick Neale- Towson University

Chris Kendall- Quinnipiac University

Austin Duncan- Dartmouth College

Wes Faulkenberry- The Ohio State University

Todd Babione- Denison University

Drake Powers- Virginia Military Institute

Class of 2013
James Eastep- Otterbein University
Matt Isele- Otterbein University
Tanner Barco- Bellarmine University

Class of 2014                                        
Shawn Ewert- Jacksonville University
Lucas Brush- Rollins College
Chase Rose- Bellarmine University
Mike Bano- St. Joseph's University
Ian Brim- College of Wooster
JB Smith- Fairfield University

Class of 2015
Chris Haimbaugh- Denison University
Zach LaRue- Wabash College
Addison Stern- Ohio Wesleyan

Class of 2016
Skylar Blake- John Carroll
Conner Barco- Bellarmine University
Austin Creske- Lourdes University
Tyler Lichter- Fairfield University

Class of 2017
Hunter Barco- The Ohio State University
Matt Arnold- Ohio Wesleyan University

Class of 2018
Nick Gosnell- Ohio Northern University
Charlie Farmer- Capital University

Class of 2019
Andrew Brim- Denison University
Brandon Infante- Robert Morris University
Gavin Monaghan- Anderson University

Class of 2020
Zach Dubois - Mercer University
Spencer Rubel - Capitol University
Nathan Wallschlaeger - Albion College

Class of 2021
Ian Dean - Rollins University
Seth Martin - Rollins University


Honors & Awards

      All American

2021    Will Ackert, LSM

2021    Carter Barco, Attack

2014    Mikey Bano, Attack

2014    JB Smith, LSM/Defense

2012    Christian Beith, Midfield

2012    Wes Faulkenberry, LSM

2011    Leo Horine, Attack

2011    John Horner, Defense

2010    Eric Ruhl, Midfield

2009    Eric Ruhl, Midfield

2008    Tyler Mordecai, Defense

2006    Derek Scheetz, Attack 

   Ohio Player of the Year
        2006- Brady Burton, Attack
Academic All American

2021     Ian Dean, Midfield

2019    Andrew Brim, Attack

2017    Michael Klass, Midfield

2016    Jackson Otello, Defense

2015    Addison Stern, Defense

2012    Joe Bano, Midfield

2010    Joe Foglietti, Goalie

2009    Joe Horine, Defense

2006    Brady Burton, Attack 

2018 Columbus Dispatch Scholar Athlete, Honorable Mention- Kellen Posacki

1st Team All State
2nd Team All State
2021.  Will Ackert, LSM
2021.  Carter Barco, Attack
2021.  Ian Dean, Midfield
2021.  Ethan Siddell, LSM
2017.  Hunter Barco, Attack

2017.  Josh Miller, Goalie  

2014.  Mikey Bano, Attack

2014.  Ian Beith, Defense

2014.  Steve Kidwell, Midfield

2014.  Chase Rose, Goalie

2014.  JB Smith, LSM/Defense

2013.  Mikey Bano, Midfield

2012.  Joe Bano, Midfield

2012.  Tanner Barco, Attack

2012.  Christian Beith, Midfield

2012. Austin Duncan, Defense

2012.  Wes Faulkenberry, LSM

2012.  Chris Kendall, Defense

2011.  Joe Bano, Midfield

2011.  Christain Beith, Attack

2011. Austin Duncan, Defense

2011.  Wes Faulkenberry, LSM

2011.  Leo Horine, Attack

2011.  John Horner, Defense

2011.  Chris Kendall, Defense

2010.  Landon DelPrince, Attack

2010.  Austin Duncan, Defense

2010.  Wes Faulkenberry, LSM

2010.  Leo Horine, Attack

2010.  John Horner, Defense

2010.  Dom Rossi, Midfield

2010.  Eric Ruhl, Midfield

2009.  Eric Ruhl, Midfield

2008.  Tyler Mordeca, iDefense

2008.  Tanner Seago, LSM

2008.  Alex VanKrevel, Midfield

2007.  Marshall Burkhart, Midfield

2007.  Scott Ruhl, Attack

2007.  Tanner Seago, LSM

2007.  Steven Simonetti, Defense

2006.  Brady Burton, Attack

2006.  Chris Polanski, LSM 

2006.  Scott Ruhl, Midfield

2006.  Derek Scheetz, Attack 

2006.  Steven Simonetti, Defense

2006.  Joe Sims, Goalie 

2005.  Brady Burton, Attack 

2005.  Chris Polanski, LSM 

3rd Team All State

2021    Brady Sestili, Face Off

2019    Andrew Brim, Attack

2017    Matt Arnold, Defense  

2016    Conner Barco, Midfield

2016    Josh Miller, Goalie

2005    Derek Scheetz, Attack 

2005    Joe Sims, Goalie 

2021.  Marek Tzagournis, Attack
2021.  Brady White, Goalie
2019.  Brandon Infante, Defense
2018.  Brandon Infante, Defense
2017.  Michael Klass, FO

2017.  Jackson Ozello, LSM  

2015.  Steve Kidwell, Midfield

2014.  Shawn Ewert, Attack

2013.  Shawn Ewert, Attack

2013.  JB Smith, LSM/Defense

2012.  Matt Walters, Goalie

2010.  Chris Kendall, Defense

2009.  Erik Flexer, Defense

2009.  Joe Horine, Defense

2007.  Tyler Mordecai, Defense

2006.  Tyler Mordecai, Defense 

2005.  Scott Ruhl, Midfield 

2005.  Steven Simonetti, Defense 

Honorable Mention
All State


2021.   Chase Tzagournis, Midfield

2019.   Carter Barco, Attack

2019.   Zach Dubois, Defense

2019.   Trey Welch, Midfield

2018.   Andrew Brim, Attack

2018.   Zach Dubois, Defense

2012    Todd Babione, Attack

2009    Landon DelPrince, Attack

2008    Eric Ruhl, Attack

2005    Dan Richards, Attack

2005    Ricky Scheetz, Midfield 

1st Team All Midwest


2021   Will Ackert, LSM

2021   Carter Barco, Attack

2021   Ian Dean, Midfield

2021   Marek Tzagournis, Attack

2021   Brady White, Goalie

2019   Andrew Brim, Attack

2019   Trey Welch, Midfield

2017   Hunter Barco, Attack

2017   Michael Klass, Midfield

2017   Josh Miller, Goalie

2017   Jackson Ozello, LSM

2017   Brandon Infante, Defense

2016   Conner Barco, Midfield

2014   Mikey Bano, Attack

2014   Shawn Ewert, Attack

2014   JB Smith, LSM/Defense

2013   Mikey Bano, Midfield

2013   Matt Isele, LSM/Defense

2012   Christian Beith, Midfield

2012   Austin Duncan, Defense

2012   Wes Faulkenberry, LSM

2011   Joe Bano, Midfield

2011   Leo Horine, Attack

2011   John Horner, Defense

2011  Wes Faulkenberry, LSM

2nd Team All Midwest
2021   Jackson Byrne
2021   Chase Tzagournis
2019   Carter Barco, Attack
2019   Ray Prochko, Midfield
2019   Zach Dubois, Defense
2019   Brandon Infante, Defense
2017   Connor Westerheide,                    Midfield

2016   Tyler Lichter, Midfield

2015   Skyler Blake, Attack

2014   Ian Beith, Defense

2014   Steve Kidwell, Midfield

2013   Shawn Ewert, Attack

2013   JB Smith, Defense

2011   Christian Beith, Attack

2011   Austin Duncan, Defense

2011   Nick Neale, Midfield

Honorable Mention All Midwest

2021   Harrison Moses, LSM

2021   KJ Robinette, Defense

2019    Ian Dean, Midfield

2019    Jack Donahue, FaceOff

2019    Seth Martin, LSM/ Def

2017    Matt Arnold, Defense

2017    Mitch Canaday, Attack

2017    Paxton Stern, Attack

2016    Skyler Blake, Attack

2016    Austin Creske, Defense

2016    Ryan Prochko, Midfield

2015    Josh Miller, Goalie

2015    Addison Stern, Defense

2014    Ian Brim, Midfield

2014    Lucas Brush, Midfield

2014    Chase Rose, Goalie

2013   Tanner Barco, Midfield

2013   Ian Beith, Defense

2013   Austin Paalz, Goalie

2012  Joe Bano, Midfield

2012   Chris Kendall, Defense

2012   Matt Walters, Goalie

2011   Chris Kendall, Defense

2011   Zach Schneider, Midfield

2011   Nick Simonetti, Goalie

1st Team All Region
2021   Will Ackert, LSM *
   ( Regional Player of the Year)
2021   Carter Barco, Attack *
2021   Ian Dean, Midfield *
2021   Brady Sestili, Face Off
2021   Ethan Siddell, Defense *
2021   Chase Tzagournis, Midfield
2021   Marek Tzagournis, Attack
2021   Brady White, Goalie *
2019    Carter Barco, Attack
2019    Andrew Brim, Attack
2019    Trey Welch, Midfield
2019    Zach Dubois, Defense
2019    Brandon Infante, Defense * 
2018   Andrew Brim, Attack
2018   Zach Dubois, Defense
2018   Brandon Infante, Defense
2017   Hunter Barco, Attack

2017   Jackson Ozello, LSM

2017   Michael Klass, Face Off

2017   Josh Miller, Goalie

2017   Matt Arnold, Defense 

2016   Conner Barco, Midfield

2016   Skyler Blake, Attack

2016   Austin Creske, Defense

2016   Josh Miller, Goalie

2016   Jackson Ozello, Defense

2015   Steve Kidwell, Midfield

2014   Mikey Bano, Attack

2014   Ian Beith, Defense

2014   Shawn Ewert, Attack

2014   Steve Kidwell, Midfield

2014   Chase Rose, Goalie

2014   JB Smith, LSM/Defense

2013   Mikey Bano, Midfield

2013   Tanner Barco, Midfield

2013   Shawn Ewert, Attack

2013   JB Smith, LSM/Defense

2012   Todd Babione, Attack

2012   Joe Bano, Midfield

2012   Tanner Barco, Attack

2012   Christian Beith, Midfield

2012   Austin Duncan, Defense

2012   Wes Faulkenberry, LSM

2012   Chris Kendall, Defense

2012   Matt Walters, Goalie

* Positional Player Of The Year

2011. Joe Bano, Midfield

2011. Christian Beith, Attack

2011. Austin Duncan, Defense

2011. Wes Faulkenberry, LSM

2011. Leo Horine, Attack

2011. John Horner, Defense

2011. Chris Kendall, Defense

2010. Landon DelPrince, Attack

2010. Austin Duncan, Defense

2010. Wes Faulkenberry, LSM

2010. Leo Horine, Attack

2010. Chris Kendall, Defense

2010. John Horner, Defense

2010. Dom Rossi, Midfield

2010. Eric Ruhl, Midfield

2009. Landon DelPrince, Attack

2009. Erik Flexer, Defense

2009. Joe Horine, Defense

2009. Eric Ruhl, Midfield

2008. Tyler Mordecai, Defense

2008. Eric Ruhl, Attack

2008. Tanner Seago, LSM

2008. Alex VanKrevel, Midfield

2007.  Marshall Burkhart, Midfield

2007. Tyler Mordecai, Defense

2007. Scott Ruhl, Attack

2007. Tanner Seago, LSM

2007. Steven Simonetti, Defense

2006. Brady Burton, Attack

2006. Tyler Mordecai, Defense 

2006. Chris Polanski, LSM 

2006. Scott Ruhl, Midfield 

2006.  Derek Scheetz, Attack

2006. Steven Simonetti, Defense 

2006. Joe Sims, Goalie 

2nd Team All Region


2021.  Jackson Byrne, Attack

2021.  Preston Everhart, Midfield

2021   Anthony Monte, Defense

2019.  Ian Dean, Midfield

2019.  Ray Prochko, Midfield

2019.  Seth Martin, LSM

2019.  Jack Donahue, Face Off

2018.  Vince Comfort, LSM

2018.  Ray Prochko, Midfield

2017.  Mitch Canaday, Attack 

2016. Tyler Lichter, Midfield

2015. Skyler Blake, Attack

2015. Josh Miller, Goalie

2015. Addison Stern, Defense

2014. Ian Brim, Midfield

2013. Ian Beith, Defense

2011. Gray Leeseberg, Midfield

2011. Nick Neale, Midfield

2010. Joe Bano, Midfield

2009. Ian Burkhart, Goalie

2009. Ted Nelson, LSM

2009. Connor Matrka, Midfield

2008. Erik Flexer, Defense

2008. Matt Marina, Midfield

2007. Peter Coratola, Defense

2007. Matt Horn, Goalie

2007. Brendan Moore, Attack

2007. Alex VanKrevel, Midfield

2006. Marshall Burkhart, Midfield 

2006. Garth Kawczak, Defense 

2006. Dan Richards, Attack 

2006. Ricky Scheetz, Midfield 

Honorable Mention
All Region
2019.  Evan Wleklinski, Goalie
2019.  Jackson Byrne, Attack
2018.  J.P. Weaver, Defense
2018.  Jack Moses, Midfield
Coaching Honors
Andy Asmo:  2021 Cardinal Division OCC Coach of the Year, 2021 Regional Coach of the Year
Jon Ewert:  2021 Regional Man of the Year, 2021 All State Man of the Year